Current mission: Echo Bay Carrier Edition

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Will soon have a rotation of different PVP missions throughout the week.


 Join our Discord:https://discord.me/apexdcs

 We need your help!

-Server / Mission Feedback

-Coordinate COMMS / Simple Radio Help

-Meet Friends!

 The fine print, read it if you need to.. Play by the rules, it's better that way.

Server has auto-kick enabled:

-Taxiway Takeoffs

-Team Killing (apologize if an accident, u jerk)



Please land and takeoff on the right side of the runway. You should state your intentions in chat and/or on SRS. Always check F10 map for friendly aircraft who are not on comms. It takes two to wreck, so try and pay attention.

 We have an auto kick/ban system in place for friendly fire incidents. Apologize in chat for any TK issues. Always check F10 map and IFF before firing. If you kill a friendly, that’s not good..but mistakes happen.

 Try have online chat open with the TAB key. SHIFT + TAB to type. SRS radio is highly encouraged. The rules are simple. If you are doing something that would harm another player’s ability to have fun you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Admins are easily reachable on discord.

 F10 map is limited to friendlies only.

 Do not park on the ramp unless you’re 100% sure an aircraft doesn’t spawn there. Otherwise you’ll both blow up. Find a place that doesn't look like a jet is going to spawn inside of you, we lost Douglas that way, it wasn't pretty.

 This is a combat server. Please refrain from performing aerobatics near friendly airbases, there are servers dedicated to that stuff, go do it there. Fly professional and state intentions in chat to notify other pilots.

***We use SRS Radio***

Simple Radio Standalone is highly suggested on this server. You can find download links on the discord and googling is easy, try it. Even if you can’t speak it is still worth listening in on.

SRS Radio IP:

 All frequencies provided below, if you need help…DISCORD!!

 ***Server SRS Frequencies***

255AM to get you started!

 ATC / UNICOM: 252 Mhz AM

AWACS / GCI 253 Mhz AM

 AI AWACS 267 Mhz AM

[180kts] Tanker KC-135 “Texaco” TCN 2Y, 253 Mhz AM (A10c)

[250kts] Tanker KC-135 “Shell” TCN 1Y, 256 Mhz AM (F15c)

Tanker IL-78M “132” 267 Mhz AM

Tanker S-3B “Arco” 268 Mhz AM

All Flights / UNICOM: 255AM

This frequency is for GCI and interflight communication. It should be clear and concise. CAS requesting CAP and CAP relaying intentions to CAS. Do not call out Fox, Rifle, Pickle, ect on this frequency.

 It is highly recommended to monitor ATC/UNICOM at all times and use it to call out all ATC intentions near an airbase. Monitor and call out on the other frequencies for your aircraft type all objective based communication. If you want to be on a non listed channel for privacy go ahead.